Westview Healthcare Center Charge Nurse in Auburn, California

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As a member of the interdisciplinary team, the Charge Nurse assumes responsibility and accountability for nursing services delivered to all residents of a designated unit for the duration of the shift. The Charge Nurse provides direct care, administers treatments and med ications, organizes and distributes daily assignments to direct care staff consistent with staff competency and each individual residents comprehensive resident observation and plan of care. This position also supervises direct care staff, including participating in the hire and termination process, doing annual performance reviews and raises and performing disciplinary actions. This position makes decisions about resident care needs during shift within scope of clinical competence, consistent with facility policies and procedures,


Make daily rounds on assigned unit at least at beginning and at end of shift to observe, assess or interview residents, to verify infonnation for or from ongoing shift, to monitor regulatory compliance and to determine staff assignments or completion of assignments Develop and distribute resident care assignments to direct care staff. Assignments match resident needs with skills of direct care staff, and maintain consistency ro the extent practicable. Adjust assignments according to availability of qualified staff Change assignments if necessary during shift to meet residental needs Provide orientation to unit and unlt routines to new staff members or staff from temporary agencies Perform performance evaluation reviews for staff, including detennination of wage increases if apptlcable Correct staff perfonnance and administer discipline, if required Train and develop staff by conducting skills observations of nurse aides ldentifying learnlng needs and taking advantage of opportunities to teach on the unit Keys information into computer systems, including EMR Describe care plan goals and approaches to direct care staff so that care plan is consistently implemented on all shifts by all caregivers. Seek input from nurse aides about resident condltion, functional abilities, preferences and altemative approaches to care, Monitor delivery of care and services throughout shift to ensure needs are met, tasks are completed and that work of direct care staff is of acceptable quality and quantity Administer medications, treatments and provide direct care to residents on unit according to physician orders and in compliance with facility policies and procedures Perform physical observation of new admissions and current residents as indicated by change in condition or as required by regulation. Complete assigned sections of resident observation instruments used in facility Based on observation of the residents condition, develop or revise the plan of care with interventlons and time measurable objectives to assist each resident to attain or maintain highest practicable physical, mental and psychological social well being. Develop or revise the plan of care with participation of the interdisciplinary team members and resident to the extent feasible. Consult with and refer relevant resident care issues to attention of interdisciplinary care team members Coordinate care and delivery of services with all disciplinesj outside agencies and community providers as required Respect rights of residents regarding freedom of choice, consent for care and services, refusals of treatment and implementation of advance directives if any. Promptly consult with nursing supervisor and Social Worker if unsure of proper course of action that respects residents rights, comply with facility policies and procedures that is consistent with countyJ state and federal laws and regulations, as applicable, including abuse reporting Complete required documentation of care and services delivered during shift including subjective findings, objective symptoms, interventions and resident responses to interventions. Complete required documentation of special circumstances including accident/incident reports in compliance with facility policy and procedures and regulations Present to the on-coming shift or receives from the off-going shift charge nurse a report making special note of significant changes in condition, admissions, transfers, discharges, initiation or use of physical or chemical restraints, incidents, unexplained injuries, medication errors, loss of resident property or expression of resident and/or family complaint or concern Inform the resident in advance about care and treatment and any changes to the plan of care Immediately inform the resident, consult with the residents physician and notify the designated family member and/or the residents legal representative when there is an accident involving an injury which has potential for requiring physician intervention; a significant change in the residents physical, mental or psycho social status; a need to alter treatment significantly or a decision to transfer or discharge the resident from the facility. Promptly notify the resident, designated family member and/or residents legal representative when there is a change in room or roommate Report relevant information to the Supervisor including, interdisciplinary team functioning and communication, regulatory compliance issues, quality improvement issues, resident risk factors, sudden changes in resident behavior, expressed dissatisfaction by resident or family, refusals of treatment, unexplained injuries, staff conduct Monitor staff for compliance with OSHA mandates on workplace safety including hazard communication and blood staff member for post-exposure follow-up Report all injuries to self or others to supervisor immediately Take job actions with staff members under appropriate circumstances. Apply facility policies about progressive discipline correctly. Remove staff member from unit if necessary to avoid endangerment to health and safety of residents or other staff members. Report all job actions taken to supervisor promptly Attend in-service education programs as assigned. Apply infonnation to job tasks Assist supervisor with preparation for long term care survey. Attend survey training, interacts with state surveyors as instructed by supervisor QUALIFICATIONS/REQUIREMENTS:

Graduate of accredited school of nursing Current, active license as Registered Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nurse Experience in long term geriatric nursing care and experience and/or training in supervision preferred